Clearwater-1The Clearwater™ Rating program provides an independent and unbiased evaluation of a vessel’s environmental performance.

Clearwater-2Clearwater™ takes a different and more representative view of environmental performance to other rating schemes.


Clearwater™ focuses on how well the boat is designed to prevent pollutants from entering the air and water in which it operates, and not just on the manufacture of the vessel or it’s recyclability.


Owners of boats with even a 1-star Clearwater™ Rating can be proud that their boat is cleaner than those around them in the marina.

Assessment criteria includes:

Marine Biodiversity
  • Bilge water cleanliness
  • Fuel system integrity
  • Lubricating/Hydraulic oil handling
  • Marine spill kit
  • Anti-fouling
  • Black water handling
  • Grey water handling
  • Garbage facilities
  • Anchoring systems
Air Quality
  • Use of alternative energy or fuel
  • Greenhouse gasses in component parts
  • Exhaust emissions
  • Noise emissions
  • Energy Efficiency Design Index
  • Environmental procedures and processes, and how they are documented


As the rating focuses on a vessel’s outputs and emissions, it is not possible for a vessel powered primarily by fossil fuels to achieve a 3* rating.

HydrogenesisThe scheme is designed to recognise those boat owners who have put measures in place to ensure they minimise their impact on the waters and environments in which they sail. The first recipient of a three-star Clearwater Rating was Hydrogenesis, the first hydrogen-fuel cell powered boat in UK.

The 3 Steps to a Clearwater Rating:

  1. The Clearwater assessment begins with the builder or owner & ticking the boxes that reflect the features of their boat.
  2. The indicates the eventual Clearwater Rating that may be expected, as shown in the result table above.
  3. If the builder wishes to progress to certification, HPiVS sends an assessor to undertake a full evaluation of the vessel’s design & systems, after which a rating is awarded between 1 & 3 stars, with 3 being the best rating.

Once a certificate is issued, the boat & its documentation may carry the appropriate Clearwater Rating logo.

The rating is non-compulsory, and many boats will not achieve even 1* rating. Thus those vessels with a certified Clearwater Rating stand apart as an example of industry best practice.

This new Clearwater™ approach allows manufacturers to show an advanced commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability that goes beyond the requirement of legislation, setting benchmarks to raise the environmental standards of operations.


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